*about me*

Hiya! My name is Lindsay, and my friends and family have many nicknames for me, but usually people call me Linny. I'm 15 years old.

I live outside of the coolness town of Bushnell. I'm a farm girl - we milk cows and grow crops. As for my family, There's my mom and dad, my brother, Marcus, and my sister Steph, who go to the University of Illinios College of Aces.

I go to school at Bushnell-Prairie City High, and we are the SPARTANS! Yes, just like on SNL. :) I play volleyball and softball, I'm in FFA, Scholastic Bowl, and Student Council. As for school itself, I care a lot about my grades and my goal is to keep a 4.0 through high school.

I've gone to Checkrow Community Church since I was born and I think it's an awesome church. We have a youth group which is pretty groovy. I'm also in the Checkrow Puppeteers. Now, before you think "ummm.....did she say 'puppeteers'?" I'm not talking socks on your hands behind a three foot tall stage. We're good. {if I do say so myself} We have puppets as cool as Sesame Street and we're just as entertaining. We put on very "professional" productions. Also, I'm in our church's swell band and choir.

I love music. I really like singing, especially with my good friends, Christin and Becca. I'm the drum major for the B-PC Marching Spartans and I play the flute in concert band and pep band. I used to take piano lessons, but I only got to level 1b, or something like that. Playing the piano is cool, but I'm not too good. I got a guitar for Christmas last year, but I haven't really learned to play yet. :\ But, I get to start taking guitar lessons in January! Then I'll be able to play something in the band that my cousin, Natalie and I are planning on having. We want to play Christian rock or ska or swing or something like that. That's mainly what I listen to. But, I can appreciate most kinds of music. Like when I'm reading, I really like to listen to classical. It makes me feel refined and intellectual. ;) He he he... My favorite band is Skillet. They are a Christian rock band and they have this really coolness sound and their lyrics are deep. Also, I love dancing - especially the swing. It's soooooo fun.

I like horses a lot and I have a black Arabian gelding named Stroker. {that's short for Stroke of Midnite} He's awesome. Cows are really cool, too, because I live on a dairy farm. Also because they make milk which is REALLY good for you. You should drink milk so that you still have strong bones when you are old and it also gives you healthy hair, skin and nails, to name just a few of the many benefits. :)

The coolest thing that has ever happened to me was at Camp Timber-lee when I was 13. I came to camp while I was going through this little "rebellious" stage, {it was stupid} and while at camp, God totally brought me back to Him. One day my counselor, Michelle, was praying with/for me in an awesome way. God's presence was so evident, and when we were done I was just overflowing with God's joy. I started giggling and that turned into a laugh and I didn't stop laughing for about a hour. It was so amazing. God's joy can overcome anything.

I think people who are totally different and crazy are awesome. I have a lot of respect for the people who stand out and go against the flow. So many people today, especially teens, are so concerned about fitting in, they forget what's right and wrong and what they believe and just do whatever they need to do to be accepted and "cool". We need to stop caring so much about what people think. I especially admire bold Christians who are just totally committed to what God wants for their lives and don't care at all what people think of them. This is how I want to be. I just want to focus on God, and let him make me joyful and outgoing and full of his love for people and let that show in all that I do. :)

In the future, I would like to graduate high school with a 4.0. Then, I want to do missions work for a whole year before I go to college. I'm thinking about doing missions work in London, but wherever God wants me! Then, I would like to go on to a Christian college. A few weeks ago I got to visit Moody Bible Institue and it was awesome. I'd really like to go there, if God wills. I want to major in something to do with music or youth ministries. Then somewhere down the line, I'll marry the guy that God has picked out for me - some awesome, Godly guy who can make me laugh and then we'll have a bunch of cute little kids. I'll be all good with God. BUT, I live day by day, always following God, and if his plans for my life are different than this, then so be it. My life is His. Only he knows for sure what tomorrow will bring.