*special people*

My Best Friends:
***Natalie Waymack~ Thanks for being so sweet and Godly and 
making me laugh...life is funny. 
***Stephani Hess~ Thanks for loving me even though you've seen me at 
my weirdest, and thanks for always listening and all the advice. 
***Christin Jameson~ Thanks for always cracking me up and 
being there with me thru it all.
***Kiel Hodges~ Thanks for all of the awesome memories. I hope we can
be close again someday...just like old times.
***Chad Garrett~ Thanks for being a committed, growing Christian and going
to B-PC High, thanks for all of your computer help, and thanks for being wierd.

People who have brought me closer to God:
***My Parents~ Thanks for leading me to Christ and raising 
me in a Christian home and loving me.
***Jessica Ludlum~ Thanks for everything. I'll see ya soon.
***Michelle Anderson~ Thanks for helping to bring me back
to God and showing me that awesome joy. I can't thank you 
enough for that week.
***Natalie Waymack~ Where do I start?? Thanks for being 
my best friend since we were born and for the endless 
memories. You keep my faith going. I don't know where I'd be 
without you.
***Giles Davis~ Thanks for being such an awesome speaker
at Timber-lee. You have changed my life with all the things 
I've learned from you. And I still laugh when I think of your jokes.
***Norm Waligora~ Thanks for being a great pastor. You have 
taught me so much.

~*Without wonderful people like this, I'd be lost. Thank you. And thank you to all the other people who aren't on this page who have had a positive influence in my life.