*please don't stereotype us*

There are many stereotypes about God and Christianity today. I don't need to name each one, I'm sure you know them. Since I'm a teenager and most of the people who come here will be teenagers, I'll talk about the stereotype most young people have about Christianity. Many people think that Christians are boring nerds who don't know how to have a good time. We have these rediculously uptight stadards and rules that take away any chance of enjoying life and living it up. Right? Well, not for me. I have a ton of fun with my Christian buds. We act totally crazy. We think 3-D animated vegetables are cool and we like being different and crazy. Is that weird? Probably. But we don't care. One thing I know is that I can have a totally fun and wild time without a chemical in my body, altering the real me. I can have a ton of fun without hurting myself or putting myself or other people in danger.

See, God's way is the absolute best way for me. I strive to live as much like him as I can. I certainly miss the mark, but it is a constant growing process. The more I live the way he meant life to be lived, the more fulfilment I find. It brings me peace to know that I'm being pure and that brings me closer to God. I am creative enough to find ways to have a ton of fun without altering the way God made me. I'm okay with the way I am; the way God made me. And I can only live life to the fullest by living the way God wants. And, yes, I do things that God does not approve of, and I totally blow it sometimes, but God forgives me. It's all a process. It's called walking with God.

So, before you label we Christians as nerds or losers or whatever, think about what I said.

To find out more, consult your local Bible....it's in there.